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Butcher's Super Foods

Butcher's Superfoods is delicious food for dogs with Tripe, natural superfood.

Butcher’s Organic

Butcher's Organic,it's certified food for pets available only in pet channel. It is prepared from organic ingredients, containing functional ingredients to support the specific needs of your pet.

Butcher's Bio Foods

Butcher's Bio Foods is a certified food for pets prepared from 100% organic ingredients, responsibly grown in a natural environment, which guarantees their highest quality.

Butcher’s Functional

is a functional pet food, made to meet the most popular needs of dogs. Recommended in daily feeding.

Butcher's Life

Butcher's Life is a gluten-free complete food for dogs, representing a healthy and natural source of nutritional elements for your dog.

Butcher's Gastronomia

Butcher's Gastronomia is a line of gluten-free products packed in convenient trays. They are prepared from selected meat suitable for delicate stomachs of small breeds.

Butcher’s Monoprotein

Butcher’s Monoprotein is dedicated especially for dogs with sensitive stomach and contains only one meat protein.

Butcher’s Pro series

Butcher's Pro series is a line of premium products with a calcium and phosphorus complex for strong bones and teeth. The lines includes a special Light product with lower fat content and L-carnitine.

Butcher’s Superior

Butcher's Superior is an exceptional and complete meal for all breed of dogs prepared from selected. Meaty chunks and exceptional composition of ingredients ensure refined taste that you dog may enjoy every day.

What kind of food does your dog prefer?

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