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The history of Butcher's

The tradition of Butcher’s dates back to 1987 when Graham Baker established a small family company. Over the years – thanks to the commitment and passion of its owners and employees – it is now an international company. Presently, it is the no. 2 brand in the category of wet dog food producers in Great Britain and the no. 3 brand in the total sales value of dog food. Since it was established, the mission of Butcher’s has been to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats to provide each of them with all the nutrients that are necessary for particular breeds and to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest pets.

We believe that taking care of their health and well-being through conscious and responsible nutrition is the basis of good relationships between the pets and their owners. And we want to help build the most beautiful relationships.

Out of love to nature

We express our love to nature not only by natural and conscious nutrition of dogs and cats. We think that, as part of our commitment to keep pets as healthy and happy as possible, we must also be responsible for the impact our activities may have on the environment we share with our four-legged friends.

That’s why our products are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods. For example, the modern plant in Great Britain largely uses natural renewable resources for its operations. Thanks to solar panels that collect energy and rainwater used to feed toilet cisterns and urinals, our head office and our production plant are fully energy-efficient. We have also taken measures to get closer to our goal of plastic free operations year after year. Our packages are 100% recyclable. Thus, we want to help our customers take care of nature and build a healthy future for them and their pets.

Pet food making process

We act for the common good

Helping is part of our nature! Our priority is health and well-being of our four-legged friends and their owners. Every day we try to bring a bit of beauty into their lives. Learn more about the activities we carry out to fulfil our mission. By buying you help! As part of the campaign organized in cooperation with the shops where our products are available, we managed to donate 5705 kg of pet food for pets from shelters and foundations all over Poland. The credit for this goes, first of all, to you – our customers, who are not indifferent to the fate of the poorest animals. Thank you! And because kindness is never too much… we added an extra 2646 kg of pet food! Therefore, in total, together we have donated over 8 tons of food to our four-legged friends in need! “The Big Ones for the Small Ones” with actress Małgorzata Kożuchowska is a campaign to support the poorest animals before the winter, under which we decided to create our own charity project. We’ve asked Małgorzata Kożuchowska to design fashionable scarves. Total income from their sale was donated to the “The Big Ones for the Small Ones” campaign in the form of gifts.

We have also supported the Children’s Health Centre, where little patients are recovering and obviously missing their most faithful four-legged friends. To make the children feel better, we decided to “smuggle” their beloved pets onto the walls of one of the Centre’s corridors. We hope that this little renovation resulted in many happy smiles from the kids! Wilanów Dog Park is a happy land for your pets, which was opened by us in 2014. Our Dog Park is about 1000 square metres of the fenced area where you can safely unleash your dog and use exercise equipment free of charge. The equipment includes ramps, balance beams, tunnels or slalom poles. It’s because the pet that has just had a good romp is a happy pet!

Appreciation from our customers

Butcher’s products are recognized not only by the demanding palates of your four-legged friends but also by you. This is shown by the prizes awarded to us in the dog and cat food category – Good Brand 2011 and 2019, the Best Product 2012 and 2020, the Consumer’s Laurel (“Discovery of the Year”) 2011, the Pearls of the Year 2012, and the Brand of the Decade 2009-2019.

In Great Britain, only in 2019, we were granted no fewer than three prestigious awards – Innovation Awards, Best Branded Supplier and Best Brand Sustainability Initiative. Besides, we have been granted the Certificate of Reliability and the Modern Company Award. Thank you for your trust. We promise to continue our efforts to make your pets wag their tails or purr!

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