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Butcher’s Delicious Dinners Chunks in Gravy with Salmon and Dory

Healthy and nutritious pet food for daily feeding of adult cats in the form of delicate chunks in gravy. Rich in fresh meat, it appeals to the most demanding and picky pets. The formula has been enriched with vitamins and minerals crucial for your cat’s health, and taurine, necessary to support its heart.

  • No added salt or sugar
  • Steam Cooked
  • Natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free recipe
  • With taurine for healthy heart
    • Advantages
    • Composition
    • Daily feeding
      • With all the vitamins and minerals cats need
      • With taurine, necessary for a healthy heart
      • High content of fresh meat
      • Based on natural ingredients, with vitamins and minerals
      • Wheat gluten free recipe
      • Composition:

        Meat & Animal Derivatives (Fresh Meat 30%*), Fish and Fish Derivatives (10%, of which Salmon 50%, Dory 50%), Minerals. Natural ingredients min 99%**

      • Additives (/ kg):

        Nutritional additives: Taurine 300 mg, Vitamins: Vitamin A 2000 I.U., Vitamin D3 300 I.U. Trace Elements (mg/kg): Zinc Sulphate 5, Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate 4, Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate 5 

      • Analytical Constituents (%):

        Crude Protein 8.5, Crude Fibre 1, Fat Content 6, Crude Ash 2, Moisture 81

      • Why doesn't the food composition add up to 100%?

        This is because of two reasons. First of all, wet food always contains water in it, which isn't declared but is a major part of the recipe. It is through it that vitamins are spread around the body of our pets, and nutrients are dissolved and distributed. Secondly, analytical constituents and additives are declared in different areas than the main composition on the label.

    • Daily feeding guide
      • 2-3 pouches per day (in 2 separate meals) [based on a 4 kg cat]

      The above information is for reference only – the actual portion depends on your cat’s breed and activity level. Make sure that your cat has access to fresh water at all times. Store in a cool, dry place.