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We believe that every dog is special, and every dog deserves to eat nutritious food that keeps them happy and healthy. Butcher’s Original – a wholesome, British-made bowlfuls, to nourish them like they nourish us.  We make our recipes with top-quality natural ingredients and super foods that provide the healthiest possible combination of protein, vitamins and minerals – complete and balanced. Our wet dog food is gently steamed in trays and tins to seal in the delicious taste and smell, so there’s no need for artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.

Recipes to suit all dogs needs in planet friendly packaging.


Butcher's Original Tripe

Tripe is the natural super food for dogs, with a taste they just love! This Tripe recipe is Butcher’s original recipe, and has been carefully made since 1987!

Butcher's Original Adult

Grain free recipes that’s packed full of nutrients and a taste that dogs love. Made with top quality, natural ingredients and British & Irish farmed meat. No nasties! All recipes are complete and nutritionally balanced.

Butcher's Original Junior

We know you want to give your new arrival the best start in life, and we ensure our grain free Puppy Perfect recipes do just that. Food full of good stuff to support the new pup in your life.