Planet friendly - Butchers

In harmony with nature

We express our love for nature not only through natural, conscious nutrition of dogs and cats. We believe that as part of our commitment to keeping pets healthy and happy, we must also take responsibility for the impact our actions may have on the environment we share with our four-legged friends.


Thus, we want to help you take care of nature and build a healthy future for them and their little ones.

We reduce our carbon footprint

Each product during its entire life cycle is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, leaving a carbon footprint. This is influenced not only by the production or transport, but also by the acquisition of raw materials, purchase by the consumer, type and recycling of packaging.

That’s why our modern factory in the United Kingdom relies heavily on natural renewable resources. Thanks to solar panels that collect energy and rainwater, the headquarters and production plant are fully energy-efficient.

Local suppliers

In order to minimize the amount of carbon footprint produced during the transport of ingredients to our factory, we have been cooperating only with proven local suppliers for years.

Responsible recycling

Packaging has been a part of our everyday life for quite a long time. They prevent food from wasting, maintain proper quality and, most importantly, protect products from spoilage. Unfortunately, very few of them can be reused.

At Butcher’s, we believe that the proper recycling of packaging contributes to the improvement of the natural environment, which will maximize the chances of their reuse. That is why we strive to phase out difficult packaging or packaging that is completely unsuitable for recycling.


Butcher's packaging recycling

     Throw it into the yellow container – metals and plastics
     Throw it into the black container- other waste
     Throw it into the blue container – paper