Dog - Butchers

We believe that every dog is special, and every dog deserves to eat nutritious food that keeps them happy and healthy. Butcher's Original - a wholesome, British-made bowlfuls, to nourish them like they nourish us. Recipes to suit all dogs needs in planet friendly packaging.

The highest quality ingredients are the key to the health and well-being of your pet. The Natural & Healthy line has been developed in a way that includes delicious complete pet food for daily feeding of even the most demanding and picky dogs.

The line of premium products meeting the specific needs of small dog breeds. With its unique ingredients, it helps maintain the vitality of even the smallest pets.

Ecological product

Certified pet food made from organic ingredients, responsibly grown in a natural environment, free from antibiotics or herbicides, which guarantees a healthy and natural diet for your pet.

Butcher's Dental Care includes delicious treats composed of natural ingredients to take care of the health and clean teeth of your dog. They help prevent the build-up of tartar. The treats are easily digestible as they do not contain grains.